Workshops & Lectures


credit: Ocan/Xavier Donker

January 20th, 2020: Well-being in a contested policy arena – lecture for the Global Health Policy Analysis course at the University of Maastricht.

June 27th, 2019: Smudged Cheeks and Middle Fingers: ERIF’s Sinterklaas Brand & Product Study – research talk at the Race in the Marketplace forum, in Paris.

April 17th, 2019: ““Och, het was een grap!” – keynote presentation at the Hart voor een inclusief Den Haag working conference  at theatre De Vaillant in Den Haag.

March 19th, 2019: “White” Europe in the pre-school Imagination – presentation at the Racism in Dutch Schools event for the Week Against Racism series at the Pakhuis de Zwijger, in Amsterdam.

November 26th, 2018: [International] History of Blackface as White Supremacy – lecture at the Perspectives workshop series by Stenden University, in Meppel.

April 17th, 2018: Caricature Legacies keynote lecture at the Wij vs. Zij #5: Media van Kleur event by Pakhuis de Zwijger, in Amsterdam.

December 5th, 2016: A brief history of racism and filmmaking presentation at the Looking for America film festival by the EYE Film Museum, in Amsterdam.

August 30th, 2014: Deconstructing the Media: Body Image and Systems of Oppression in Amsterdam workshop at the Radio Redmond Summer Event: Radical Body Love, in Amsterdam.

June 28th, 2013: The Construction of Minority Groups in Public Policy and their Usage and Access to Public Services panel chair (with Karlijn Völke) at the first International Conference on Public Policy, in Grenoble.

February 2012 – July 2013: Mediacate Readers media literacy workshops coordinator (with Egbert Martina) at the Lloyd Hotel Cultural Embassry, in Amsterdam.

November 17th, 2012: Who are the African Diaspora? presentation at Afrikadag in Amsterdam.

December 3rd, 2011: Zwart van Roet reading group coordinator (with Egbert Martina) at the Zwart van Roet art festival, in Amsterdam.

October 26th, 2010: Jam Jars & Tea Parties – The return of the Golly presentation at the Black History Month seminar series by the Hull Black Students Union, in Hull.

July 2010: Hip Hop Identities: the Self Fulfilling Prophecy? workshop coordinator at the Wales Anthropology Day, in Lampeter.

June 23rd, 2010: Emotions and Ethical Policy-Making in a Contested Arena paper presentation at the 5th Interpretive Policy Analysis conference, in Grenoble.

July 2009: Bling Bling, Hip Hop and the UK workshop coordinator at the Wales Anthropology Day, in Lampeter.

July 2008: Music and Identity: The Cultural Importance of Hip Hop and Bling Bling workshop coordinator at the Wales Anthropology Day, in Lampeter.