Bel Parnell-Berry is a critical researcher and thinker who, as a public speaker, discusses how colonial stereotypes and misrepresentation of black people and people of colour continue to take affect today. She does this with a mix of personal story telling and imagery, as well as with her own research findings. An important voice for making accessible and understandable how racism and stereotypes continue to take place today.

– Max Arto de Ploeg, Programmamaker Inclusieve Stad and projectleider van de Week tegen Racisme bij Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

credit: Pakhuis de Zwijger. Bel with Max Arto de Ploeg and Gloria Holwerda at the Week Against Racism – Racism in Dutch Schools public discussion, at Pakhuis de Zwijger, 2019.

Through her work with Project·Parnell and ERIF, Bel produces invaluable information pertaining to contemporary racism and its appearances, in its varied forms in the public realm. The annual Sinterklaas Brand and Product report that she coordinates with ERIF is and example of this. Additionally, Bel has co-organised international conferences, panels, presentations, performances, related art installations and workshops which address racism as well as efforts taking place to combat it. Her work brings participants together from all over the world,  who might not otherwise have the opportunity to gather, share and learn of the multi-faceted ways in which individuals and groups confront racism, discrimination and its intersections within societies.

I often refer to the information I have learned via Project·Parnell and ERIF, and will likely continue to in the future as their documentations and focus on racist and discriminatory imagery is like no other organization I am aware of. The vital work of Project·Parnell  and ERIF will continue to be of assistance in the years to come.

– G. Holwerda, InterNational AntiRacism Group, Amsterdam.

credit: Ocan/Xavier Donker. Bel presenting at the Ocan Inclusive Den Haag day, 2019.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Bel Parnell-Berry at both the national and European levels. Her integrated and intersectional approach is nuanced and both well-suited for the broad novice reader and listener, as it is for academic settings. Bel is a concise, argumentatively strong and skilled public speaker and researcher.

I look forward to more collaborations and inviting her as a contributor in the future.

– Xavier Donker, Ocan, Den Haag. 

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