Nice to Meet You

Hi there! My name is Bel and I love working on a new project!

I’m an anthropologist with a specific interest in profiling tactics that target minority groups. In my research, I have interrogated  how racial stereotypes interact with policy and media discourses and as a campaigner, I have organised events and worked with others to try and remove damaging images of people of colour from prominent circulation, especially the golliwog in the UK and Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands.

In 2013, collaborating with a fantastic team, I was able to bring all of my skills and interests together to organise the very first Returning the Gaze conference as well as co-found the European Race and Imagery Foundation (ERIF). Following the first conference, I have continued to oversee the progress of research and campaign projects within ERIF.

Meanwhile, I continue to conduct my own independent research in the fields of social policy, culture and media. Additionally, I have been giving workshops to promote critical media literacy skills and short talks on the power  of discourse through radicalised visual culture. You can follow the progress of certain research topics via my blog and see what projects I’ve been involved with elsewhere on this website.

You can also check out my portfolio for a full overview of my work and connect with me here if you’d like to collaborate!

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